Jim Stramler

by admin on March 9, 2015

_BRP3322-Edit-Edit“Jim has a distinct knack for getting to the “meat” of the copy and bringing out the features and benefits that sell best. If you’re looking for a no-fluff, hard-hitting copywriter who can get the job done, Jim’s your guy!”

Jay White

You want great results.  You want them fast.  You want them done right.

Then you want Dr. Jim Stramler to be your copywriter/marketing consultant.

His extensive and unique background enables him to produce extraordinary copy for companies which few, if any, other copywriters may be capable.  He works closely with clients to create a powerful synergy.

Dr Stramler had a very successful career as a NASA contractor, receiving multiple awards for his work in helping to develop the International Space Station.  He uses that knowledge, along with his prior experience as a university professor and industry technician to help companies improve their bottom line.

Since leaving NASA, he has taken additional professional development training in both copywriting and creative writing.  The creative writing training has been with several people in Hollywood.  The copywriting training has been primarily with the American Writers and Artists (AWAI), but also with other organizations.  That has been further enhanced by training from some nationally known copywriters such as Clayton Makepeace, Dan Kennedy, and others.

If you want extraordinary results, contact Dr. Stramler.

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