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by admin on October 19, 2014

Make money from every email you send…blake-pic

Imagine this… you’ve got a series of 10 or more emails lined up in your autoresponder. Each one using my PROVEN automatic formula.

And every time an email is sent… you know it’ll bring in more sales for your business.

Sounds nice, right?

Keep on reading to see how I can do this for YOUR business…

Hey I’m Blake.

For the last several years I’ve been holed up in a locked room under close guard putting together successful email campaigns for high ticket investment education products… and making hundred upon hundreds of thousands of dollars for my clients in the process.


“I coached Blake personally, so I know his copywriting talent is something special. This guy brings the full package–experience, skill, marketing savvy, innovation, and more–to the table for his clients. And he’s in high demand already because of the results his copy delivers–better contact him now or risk going on a waiting list…”

Jay White


Can I achieve the same results for your business?


Maybe not.

It all comes down to your product or service and the quality of your list.

If all this stacks up then yes, I’ll be able to substantially increase sales in your business with my proven email marketing skills.

But here’s the thing…

I’m busy… REAL busy, working with my current list clients who pay me well to get results. Can I work on your business? Sure. But I only have time for SERIOUS business owners looking to take their email marketing to the next level.

If this sounds like you then maybe we’ll be a good fit.

Contact me via email to set-up a time to talk.



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