Penny Hunt

by admin on June 20, 2012

“I was not sure what to expect, but these emails are just awesome! Thanks so much!”
J. Sides

“Penny has been a fantastic student and a pleasure to work with…Grab this budding superstar now, before your competitor does!”
Jay White,

“Penny is my go-to gal when I need a copy with a warm yet assured conversational style. She’s especially talented at crafting effecting and appealing autoresponder email series projects. She’s dedicated and goes the extra mile just because….”
Roberta Rosenberg, MGP Direct, Inc

Diverse Work Background steeped in sales, customer service and assisting others

  • Executive Administrative – 20+ years
  • Sales/Customer service – 12 years

Well traveled – New York to Hawaii, Wisconsin to Florida, Mexico to Honduras
Vivid imagination
Committed to helping others

Offers a variety of copywriting services

Autoresponder emails, professional web critiques, ghostwriting…specifics on website

Skills That Increase Your Bottom Line

Diverse work background— Knowing a little about a lot of “stuff” helps her interject experiences that no other copywriter might have; making the copy unique, interesting and compelling enough to get more clicks to your landing page.

Well traveled – Allows her to relate to people from all around the country with a generic, yet familiar, tone. However, if you must reach a specific audience, she can add a few “localisms” for good measure. Ex: Soda vs. Pop or Parkway vs. Freeway vs. Highway.

Vivid imagination – Copy that is fun, interesting and paints a picture that will grab your customers’ and potential buyers’ attention…wanting more of what you have to offer. Click!

Committed to helping others – She follows the philosophy that if she helps others succeed, then things will be just fine for her. She loves serving others.

She looks forward to helping you soon.

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