Rick Stooker

by admin on May 17, 2010

Thank you — and Jay White — for this opportunity to help make you more money — and help you prospects improve their lives — by increasing your sales through email autoresponder followups.

As a child I loved to read, both for the joy of living through exciting stories and for feeding my curiosity with new facts. I grew up planning to become a writer, and did publish a variety of science fiction stories, book reviews and articles.

Eventually I postponed my writing career for my even deeper love of eating. I went to work at so-called “real jobs.”

The experience I gained explaining technical subjects to often difficult and poorly educated people in a public contact job (giving away your hard-earned tax dollars) helped prepare me to write emails that your prospects will understand.

I lost my youthful idealistic snobbery toward business and sales, taking sales jobs that also helped prepare me for copywriting (“salesmanship in print”).

Email copywriting allows me the fun of making new and meaningful connections and of telling stories. It’s exciting and — done right — profitable for everyone.

Let’s get started!

Richard Stooker

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