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by admin on May 17, 2010

My name is Dot Pecson from DP Copywriting Service, and I very much bless the day I discovered Jay White’s Autoresponder Apprentice Program.

Can you remember when you were a kid and you started school in a whole new town? You didn’t know a single soul. All the kids stared at you like you had green skin and wiggly antennae when the teacher introduced you.

Then the first time she called on you, you couldn’t do much more than stammer, because this class was already far ahead of your old class. Giggles of scorn rippled softly through the room.

This was almost as bad as if the  teacher had said, Now why can’t you all behave yourselves like Dot here?”

That feeling of being totally confused and lost can never quite be forgotten, can it?

When I took up copywriting and Internet marketing after retiring from the government (State Forest Ranger, County Arborist, County Community Planner), I felt exactly the same way – there was so much to learn!

After floundering about like the proverbial fish out of water, grasping at all sorts of styles and methods, I was starting to wonder where I’d wind up with this whole concept. Once I found out how powerful autoresponders are, I honed in on this as a means to help struggling business owners achieve the success they deserve.

Then I discovered Jay White and his wonderful Program.

To my eternal joy and delight, I discovered that his basic writing style, technique and ethics absolutely mirror my own!

It was uncanny and affirming – a real epiphany.

In Jay’s own words:

“Dot Pecson was one of my Autoresponder Apprentice students, and after reading the first few words of her copy I was immediately blown away by her talents. This is a copywriter who knows her stuff, and can create persuasive, hypnotically engaging sales pieces that will bring your prospects to the “Buy” button in droves. Grab her now, because as soon as the word gets out, she’s a virtual LOCK to be booked up for months in advance.”

Jay White

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